Friday, November 6, 2009

Iranian protesters taunt-plead-shame Obama with Bushspeak

One of the biggest transformations going from Bush to Obama has been the trashing of human rights by the new team in power. They are leftists, after all, freedom and human rights has never been the Left's forte.

A most heart-rending struggle of current times is the desperate struggle of Iranians against their brutal fanatic regime - a regime which does this:

(video link)

A girl is walking away and a riot guard stops her, she is all alone against the big metal gate, defenseless and not bothering anyone, but an anti-riot guard decides to lash her across the sheens a couple of times with his truncheon. But there is worse to come, another girl is pulled over and this time she is smacked in the face with the truncheon, she is knocked out and when a young man comes to her aid, he too is pulled away and kneed in the face before more women come to their rescue. Also notice the security agent with the camera who is filming the protesters. This is what they do in public, just imagine what they do behind the prisons.
For Obama the protestors have been irritants in his set-in-stone policy of  talking to the mullahs. He even cut off funding for center documenting Iranian human rights violations to suck up to the regime. The protestors are now trying to shame Obama into doing the right thing-

The New York Times reports that opposition protesters in Iran, in between beatings and tear-gassing from riot police and the regime’s hired thugs, have started a new chant: “Obama, Obama -- either you’re with them or you’re with us.

In case you were wondering what the answer might be, the statement yesterday from White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said it all. Gibbs declared that Obama administration officials were following reports of the unrest and “hope greatly that violence will not spread.” This was a great moment in the annals of diplo-speak. No mention of who might be committing the violence, or who might be its victims. Violence, it seems, has the capacity to spread without any human involvement.

Unpleasant as it may be for the president to hear, his policy is objectively aiding the Tehran regime and harming the opposition in their ongoing struggle.

The chanters are right. The United States can either be with them or against them. Right now, President Obama is against them. But it’s not too late for him to switch sides.

I hate to say it - but the most powerful man in the world has his moral compass pointing in the wrong direction