Thursday, August 14, 2008

Media tank for Obama gets deeper

My God, is media in tank for Obama or what!
Every time CNN talks about the new NYT no.1 bestseller,The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, it previews it by saying that is full of lies, and in a harsh offended tone too.

First it was Suzanne Malveaux who when introducing the book kept saying how it was full of mistakes and lies and then it was Larry King who did his best to (unsuccessfully, I must add) slime the author. Neither of them bothered to report or discuss what was in the book apart from being getting outraged that that the book depicts Obama as muslim. From what the author said on the Larry King show, the book presents him not as being a muslim but having had received muslim education for a while when he was a child in Indonesia. But the mult-millionaire anchors at CNN were too stupid to go beyond their obvious rage and understand the difference.

That most of the media is leftist, is biased is plain to see. One has to be particularly blind not to see that.

This book seems to have kicked the Left in the balls pretty hard and CNN seems to be in particularly sharp agony.

Shame on you Larry King and CNN.

Note- I haven't read the book or much about it and therefore do not agree or disagree with it.But the difference with which this book and the author being are being treated in the media compared with numerous slime-jobs on George Bush that are reverentially received is the difference between day and night.

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Biased American media
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