Monday, August 18, 2008

IPCC gives out gas

How did they get there without emitting greenhouse gases?ipcc-nobel-peace_prize
"a small part of the delegation from the International
Panel on Climate Change accepting
their award in Oslo for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

They didn't give a fig about the planet.
Or their own doomsday warnings about greenhouse gases.
Or their own chairman's advice(not that he follows his own counsel).
They had to fly, so many of them, all that distance, to receive the Nobel Prize.
How many tons of deadly CO2 went into the atmosphere to satisfy their vanity? Hundreds? Thousands?
But they didn't care.

They had to have their moment of fame even as the planet groaned in agony, wounded to the heart by the treachery of the most loyal.

When the cop betrays his trust to the public and becomes a gangster, he is morally more perverse than other criminals.

Similarly the scientists who have taken upon themselves to save the planet shall be judged more harshly when they transgress this trust.

Sometime in the near future when, as we are told, Bangladesh and Tuvalu are underwater, when Al Gore's 20 foot walls of water are terrorising Shanghai and Calcutta, when enormous hurricanes caring not to observe the laws of physics are shredding LA, when trees have become deranged psychos, and Gaia is standing on her last legs(mmmm, are they long legs?)- then the dying humanity with it's last breath will utter curse and damnation forever upon the souls of these corrupt guardians of the planet who sold out the earth for a few moments of self-glory.

In brief -If I were to summarize the above in one sentence then this would be it-
If the greenhouse gases are such a mortal danger to the planet and mankind, then why are the IPCC members and it's chairman flying around so much?

(image from Margo's Maid via Andrew Bolt)