Friday, July 27, 2007

K.K.Paul pats himself on the back so hard that he falls flat.

Outgoing police commissioner of Delhi, K.K.Paul's perception of his force differs radically from that of the public.
"The promises that I made, when I took charge as police commissioner, have been achieved. We worked very hard during this time."
So Delhi now is a safe place, where women can go out late at night, one can travel safely without the fear of getting crushed under the wheels of a monster bus driven by a driver who has just bribed the police and thus thinks that he owns the road,where the elderly are not murdered in their own homes, where ------(oh, one can go on and on)?Somebody's view of reality needs a check- either that of the common person who feels no safer than when Mr.Kaul came to office or that of Mr.Kaul.

"Heinous cases were worked out, there was excellent investigation, the conviction rate improved, we faced numerous challenges but our performance was good," he said.
Jessica Lal?
BMW case?

"The force grew, its now a 64,000-strong unit. A grievance redressal system was put in place and it was ensured action was taken on any complaint by any person from the public. A lot of modernisation work was undertaken. Initially, a system of making complaints through fax was started and soon anyone could send their complaints through e-mail," he said.

All police stations were connected through internet, new police buildings came up, ISO standardisation was given, cyber labs were set-up.The Delhi Police also bought out a book on its history and heritage.

So no more portly, paan chewing, foul-mouthed, heartless bumpkins sitting behind F.I.R registers?
We must live in a fantasy land -or Mr.Kaul does.

The Delhi Police also bought out a book on its history and heritage.
Now, that is a great achievement.

Update -Reality check arrives for Mr.Kaul-
Delhi Police chief wants security for himself, fears for life
New Delhi, July 22
Delhi Police Commissioner K.K. Paul, in-charge of security in the national capital, has sought protection for himself and his family as he is facing a threat -- not from a terrorist or a criminal -- but from one of his own inspectors who is "absconding" for the past eight months.
Full story here.

Update 2 - above link does not exist any more. You may find the same story here.