Sunday, July 15, 2007

I was on NDTV, la la la la!

NDTV reporter Amulya Gopalakrishnan was nice enough to interview me for a program on Islam, terrorism etc. It was broadcast on the 12th.I got about 18 seconds of screen time and came out looking like a smug and stuffed parrot! A screen shot of my blog also appeared, this being the post highlighted-

The story is also available on the NDTV website.

However, whoever saw that segment without being familiar with this blog might come away with a misleading impression.The narration as my blog was being shown(along with images of other sites) went like this-

"On one hand people vent their most bigoted feelings on blogs and social networks under varying degrees of anonymity ---"

Along with that large 'Venom on the web' highlighted at the bottom part of the screen, one might have got the impression that I am among those spouting 'venom', one of those 'hate-filled' bloggers venting hate and fire from behind anonymity.

Far from it. I am neither anonymous nor venting any 'hate'. I prefer cool-headed logical analysis sprinkled with tongue-in-cheek humor. That analysis might be offensive to some, it might not be politically-correct, it might go against the grain of 'consensus' -but, as sure as hell, it will be rational and logical to the extent of my abilities.

The full sentence in that narration was-

"On one hand people vent their most bigoted feelings on blogs and social networks under varying degrees of anonymity, on the other hand for anyone wiling to go deeper these internet forums offer a profusion of perspectives."
(emphasis mine)

I only wish that my site had had been shown while that second part of the sentence was being read out since it fits this blog to a T. But, what the heck!

Update -Atlantean was the other blogger interviewed. He has the video. In fact, having just discovered Atlantean's blog, I must say it is well worth a look.


Prudent Indian said...

Hi! Gurmeet,I too was featured in august last by NDTV as a right wing blogger,but must say was luck to have some 5 to 7 minutes screen time.Was featured in X Factor and anchor was vishnu som.any way.if u happen to live in delhi then do send me a mail at

From your name i presume you are a punjabi,i too am a very proud one. would love to meet some time.get in touch.

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Atlantean said...

Hi Gurmeet, I was the other guy who was interviewed by Amulya that day, the guy in the red shirt.

I put a video clip of the show on my blog, just in case you want to share it with anyone :)


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libertynewscentral said...

Hi, Prudent. Five,six minutes, wow! What did you say?

Atlantean, Just browsed your blog and I must say, I am impressed. This is what blogging is about(or should be)- offering thoughtful analyses. You are going to be on my blogroll when I get down to it. Still having problems withthe template.
I have added link to your video.

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