Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Are our Jholawalas(and jholawalis) up to it?

A far-left group of women
protesting against the war in
the U.S.

Zombie has the report with more pictures.
(Graphic warning! -nudity involved.)
(Aesthetic warning! -No beauty involved, only flabby bodies and sagging tits.)

Our own home grown leftists ape their western counterparts in everything-from parroting the same clich├ęs about environment and globalisation to their adoration of 'Vagina monologues'. I wonder when shall we be seeing topless and nude protests from our jholawala* crowd. Not that I look forward to it. For obvious reasons of aesthetics.

*The colorful Indian language translator-
jholawala -a scornful term for leftists in India, who have the reputation of dressing sloppily, often in kurtas and carrying a shabby, shapeless bag called a jhola, giving a general impression of poverty and simplicity. However, as in many things concerning the left, impressions can be misleading. Their 'simple' kurtas are often sourced from choicest of trendy(and expensive) boutiques, and the 'ethnic' look that is so sought after is achieved by burning a fair amount of moolah.

jholawali -female of the above species, said to be of aggressive and querulous nature (think Vandana Shiva).


Atlantean said...

Vow! You may not be looking forward to it but I'd love to see a topless protest by some of our well endowed jholawalis.

Freedom of expression and all.. :p

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