Monday, July 16, 2007

A curiosity about Global Warming

Just about everyone knows that the Earth is warming, right? The never ending hysterical reports have made sure of that.

So, why don't we know by how much is the planet warming? By how much did it heat up in the last year? In last two, five or ten years? Is the warming increasing, that is, will it warm more and more per year? What will the temperature be in 2012?(not a hundred years from now when almost no one will be around to verify)

Why doesn't the average, intelligent person who must have read and watched hundreds of reports on global warming have the answers to any of these? Do the media persons who write the apocalyptic,doomsday reports? Why are these numbers missing from any conversation or discussion about climate change?

Well, I should like to know.


libertynewscentral said...

Dweep, you have missed the gist of this post.
My point is not that the data does not exist but that it is not publicized as one would logically expect it to be. After the non-stop drumbeat of 'global warming', one is naturally curious -warming by how much? How much this year or in the last year or in the last 20 years? Yet these or other numbers are sorely missing from almost all the media reports.

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