Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why does only the Hollywood has the right to be racist?

John Nolte makes the case that-

….the difference between Hollywood and the real world is that for whatever reason the entertainment industry is allowed to openly discriminate. If some racist producer believes casting a black actress as the love interest opposite a white man will damage the film’s profitability, he or she is free to not offer an actress like Saldana the job based solely on her skin color and his selfish desire to maximize profits.

On the other hand, if some racist producer wants to pick up market share in Mexico, he’ll openly discriminate against a white actor in order to hire a Mexican actor. This is another purely mercenary hiring decision based solely on race and profit.

McDonald’s could decide that the best way to improve market share in certain neighborhoods is to hire only hot-looking cooks and cashiers of a certain skin color. They could also empirically prove that this Hollywood-ish hiring decision brought them higher profits. They’re still going to be sued dry.



It’s just a fact that if any other American industry practiced the same hiring procedures as Hollywood for the exact same profit motives, they would face civil lawsuits of epic proportions and many a visit from the Labor Relations Board. But Hollywood’s a special place above the laws you and I and every other business in America must abide by. In order to increase profits, they’re allowed to be just as racist and sexist as they accuse everyone else of being.


That's shameful. It's discrimination! It's racism!

Everyone must have the same right to be racist and sexist as the mega-millionaires of the Hollywood do. It is as fundamental as healthcare!