Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obama could be 21st century's Chamberlain

I'm currently re-reading my old, yellowed copy of William L. Shirer's 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich'. The account of repeated appeasement of Hitler by the the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain strikes a tragic, 'if only' chord. It makes one realize- what a huge impact on history a wrong man at a wrong time can have.

The English government had many occasions to put a stop to the Nazi war machine -at the time of the occupation of the Rhineland, the Anschluss(forced unification of Germany and Austria), before and after the German invasion of Czechoslovakia.It all looks so tragic now.How many tens of millions of live could have been spared by British resolve.The British public had the backbone(as demonstrated later during the world war)that it's leaders didn't.

There is an ominous contemporary flavor to this look back at past mistakes.Obama is in an appeasement mode worthy of Chamberlain.What the clueless British Prime Minister was to Hitler, Obama is to Iran. He has as much interest in stopping the mad mullahs from getting their nuclear weapon as Chamberlain had in confronting Hitler.

Would a future generation -perhaps ours itself- look back at the past and sadly wonder -if only the clueless American President had more backbone and conviction, he could have stopped that atomic explosion in....Tel Aviv? New York?  and saved so many countless lives?

I suspect it's a matter of time - Obama is an ideal candidate to be 21st century's Chamberlain.