Friday, September 11, 2009

Readings for 9/11 – Obama confuses 9/11 with the Earth Day

Jennifer Rubin-

Plant a Tree

As this report explains, 9/11, on its eighth anniversary, is being recast as “a day of national service”:

“Instead of us simply remembering the horrible events and more importantly the heroes who lost their lives on 9/11, we are all going to turn into local heroes,” said Ted Tenenbaum, a Los Angeles repair shop owner who offered free handyman services Thursday and planned to do so again Friday.

Similar donations of time and labor were planned across the country after President Barack Obama and Congress declared the day would be dedicated to service this year for the first time.

Some Americans are suspicious about the new commemoration, though, fearing it could overshadow a somber day of remembrance for nearly 3,000 people killed aboard four jetliners and at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon, and a field in western Pennsylvania.

Well, count me among the suspicious — and the outraged. This is quite obviously part of the grand exercise in amnesia, in recasting 9/11 as a feel-good celebration, as opposed to the act of war and Islamic-fundamentalist terror it was.

I’d be less suspicious had not the idea for de-horrifying 9/11 come from the crowd who has gone to war, not against those who would kill Americans, but against those who protected us and extracted life-saving information when we were most at risk. I’d be less suspicious had the president not set forth on a charm offensive with the “Muslim world,” in which through winks and nods and spitting back to them their own twisted version of history, the president assured them that America finally gets just how delinquent we’ve been and just how insensitive we’ve been to the Muslim world. I’d be less suspicious of the “plant a tree on 9/11″ crowd if a “truther” hadn’t made it to the White House and hadn’t received a rousing defense from many “respectable” liberals when he was finally shoved out the door — so as not to embarrass the president on 9/11, which isn’t really about 9/11 anymore.


And now the appeal to 9/11 is muted and diffused because the Obama crowd would rather 9/11 not be about 9/11. It is shameful, but it is not surprising. This administration just isn’t into the war on terror. So go plant a tree.

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