Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gautam Adhikari – sitting blind in Washington

Gautam Adhikari (who has an op-ed in the Times of India today) sits in a gay bar in downtown Washington and comes to the conclusion that despite Obama’s election a large part of America is still rabidly racist-

Obama was elected by a majority of the people but there is a significant minority that hasn't got over that watershed event in US history. Much of the diatribe on talk radio and the Fox News channel would seem to be against creeping "socialism" that might come if Obama succeeded in pushing through his policies, particularly his health-care policy. But, every now and then, stray voices scream out a deeper hatred.
Thus, we have the 'birthers', who are trying desperately to prove that Obama was not born in America and therefore cannot be president. There are religious loonies who say he is the Anti-Christ. But i was struck by the rant of one gentleman on TV last week when he bellowed that Obama was going to impose "Afro-Leninism". The 'Afro' is a giveaway. They hate him because he is a different kind of American.

I have no idea what the 'rant' was or the context -was it more rabid than Adhikari's own rant?- but assuming it to be straightforward racist, doesn't then Adhikari's logic (or lack of it)comes down to this level:

there is a bus full of people who don't act the way I would like them to(people on the “Fox News channel“and “talk radio”), but one or two (“stray voices”)are really behaving very atrociously(‘birthers’, those who speak of "Afro-Leninism").So the whole bus is full of atrocious people.


He is tarring the whole swathe of libertarians-conservatives-moderate Democrats -who actually outnumber hardcore Obama supporters by many millions- by the actions of the very few whose deeds and words may or may not be dubious.

Adhikari is evidently quite enamored of the Dear Leader. He cannot fathom how anybody can ever not worship at the same altar. His is the one true faith –in Obama. Those who don’t agree can only be – RACISTS!

The reason a large number of Americans have become more and more suspicious of Obama is obvious –but not to Adhikari. Obama is pushing very hard for a big government–no, not just ‘big’ but a HUGE government.

He is spending other people’s money(taxes) and those of not yet born(national debt) like a punch-drunk sailor. The deficits are now in trillions –the earlier records of hundreds of billions now seems like small change.

He is politicizing every part of American life,from art to justice to science –like a true Marxist would and does when given a chance.

Obama ran as a centrist, a soothing moderate –he is governing like the hard-leftist he is.

Many Americans are rightly suspicious of all this.

But in Adhikari’s brain swamps all that takes on an unreal quality.He cannot believe that those on the Fox News or in the numerous tea-parties(not reported by his paper)can have an intellectual case –RACISTS, RACISTS, RASICSTS ALL!

It is possible that it is really Adhikari’s paper, the Times of India, which is is at least partially responsible. This ‘news’paper hardly ever reports anything that reflects negatively on Obama.

“He is introducing transparency in government”

“He is appointing super-intelligent experts to vital posts”

“Michelle is growing an organic garden” 

“How lovely her arms look”

Such is the nature of most ‘news’ about Obama.

Pravada couldn’t do it better.


But what about the ‘truther’ and communist Van Jones, Obama’s now ex-green czar? (What ‘truther’? What resignation in the middle of the night on Saturday?What controversy? –the Times’ readers never learnt a thing from this ‘news’paper)

What about eugenics minded enviro-nut John Holdren, Obama’s science czar(that has an Orwellian ring to it, no?) who believes among other things that ”The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation’s drinking water or in food”?

What about Obama administration’s ongoing thuggish behaviour in bailout deals?


Not a pipsqueak about these and many, many other issues that reflect extremely badly on Obama.The Times of India dare not inform it’s readers. And Gautam Adhikari dare not write about them.


If Adhikari would get out of that gay club(unless he is having a whale of a time) he might see a bit of the world.Since he is in Washington, may we suggest he go over to the massive protest that is taking place against Obama’s policies there on 9/12(which is right now)? Here is a traffic cam pic(more pics here)-

9-12 demonstration, Washington

Run, Gautam, run! It might just open your eyes and save your soul.