Monday, September 14, 2009

Discovering Sauvik Chakraverti

I met Sauvik Chakraverti many years ago when I was more closely involved with the Liberty Institute, one of the few pro-liberty organizations in India.

I did not interact much with him but his fiesty arguments in a loud(very loud), booming voice and his professed fondness for nautch-girls and ganja left an impression that still lingers.

It is only today that I discovered he has a blog, ANTIDOTE –and a very good one; colorful and no holds-barred from my first read.His own chosen emblem on the blog is a ganja leaf. A sample from his latest post, A Democracy Rigged By And For Nikammas -

Anyway, the sudden demise of the main opposition party to Chacha Manmohan’s populist excesses is worthy of note. This, when it is quite apparent that the Congress is also devoid of genuine political leadership. Chacha is a baboo, Sonia is a housewife, and Rahul is a non-entity. It is amazing that the UPA has a second term in office, and this undoubtedly has a lot to do with the fact that the BJP has gone down the drain.


His take on dancing girls-

Take the case of dancers. A poor girl cannot dance and entertain clients in Mumbai – while all the page 3 actresses make their fortunes dancing on screen. There is some Principle of Law being flouted here – and I hope you see it. Where this Principle does not hold, there can never be Liberty. The Law, which is our safeguard, becomes instead a Tyrant: arbitrary, capricious, unjust.

At no time in Indian history has the nautch-girl been banned. The Mughals, the British, all the princely states – they all patronised them. But in socialist India they are banned – while weighty women talk of “reservations for women in politics.”

Well worth a visit, I think -again and again.

        (emphasis mine)


Nofearneverworry said...

honor him, such a good man doesn't walk everyday around us!

Sanjay George said...

Do you have any idea about Sauvik these days? I used to be an avid reader of his blog. I visited the blog recently only to see it down. My blogspot feeder tells me that the last 9-10 articles where written some 3 months ago ... all of them with the word 'choothiya' in them. I fear the worst.

Anonymous said...

he is in Goa but not well. he has denounced his family and his girlfriend-a frightful quarrelsome woman called Varuni Mohite for whom he went to Goa has reduced him to penury and made him lose his mind. Please help him regain his mind

Varuna said...

Please delete the malicious comment by Anonymous. If Sauvik was alive he'd tell you who wrote it and why it is libel.