Monday, October 20, 2008

The Pravada in Manhattan

A commentator on the incredibly biased coverage of the American elections by the MSM-
Whatever credibility the NYT could claim as a reputable news organization died with this election campaign. While The Gray Lady has never been known for hiding her affections, she had at least kept up appearances. Now, she no longer even bothers to conceal her bias and even the pretense of journalistic integrity has been cast aside. The same holds true for most of the other major news outlets–newspapers and networks that once prided themselves on their role as truth seekers and reporters of fact, protectors of a great public trust. Do they realize the extent of their betrayal–or more importantly, what this compromise of institutional principle will eventually mean? No, not yet. Remember Pravda, the Party news organ of the USSR? Some of those Pravda reporters must have longed for the day when they could actually write the truth, when they would no longer be apparatchiks purveying agitprop but real reporters doing real work, speaking truth to power. I doubt those miserable Soviets could imagine a journalist in a free country giving away such a beautiful responsibility willingly, happily, knowingly. I find it hard to believe, myself, but here it is.
The New York Times has since long become a house organ of the American left(which is as rabid and loony as our own Indian left). It is a worrying thing that many Indian publications(like the Hindustan Times) carry NYT reports as if they were objective, honest reporting. Because of this we Indians are being ill-served by the Indian media as all we get is a slanted version of the facts in foreign news.

But then the Indian MSM is as clueless and one-sided as the western one, as this blog has tried to demonstrate time and again.