Thursday, October 30, 2008

Al Gore -Rajendra Pachauri a ''let's drag our feet'' candidate

This is from 2002-
...ExxonMobil has been allowed to veto the United States government's selection of who will head the prestigious scientific panel that monitors global warming. Dr. Robert Watson, the highly respected leader of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, was blackballed in a memo to the White House from the nation's largest oil company. The memo had its effect last Friday, when Dr. Watson lost his bid for re-election after the administration threw its weight behind the ''let's drag our feet'' candidate, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri of New Delhi, who is known for his virulent anti-American statements.

Why is this happening?

Because the largest polluters know their only hope for escaping restrictions lies in promoting confusion about global warming.
so Gore thought that Pachauri's election meant a victory for those who were "dragging their feet" on Global Warming, the big-oil types.

Gore has , of course been proven wrong spectacularly. That "who is known for his virulent anti-American statements" should have made it obvious that Pachauri had great potential to be a world class enviro-fascist -like Gore himself.

Can we then trust Gore's judgment on other matters, like, um ,the theory of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming?

Oh by the way, did you see Al Gore's gas guzzling mansion(it only uses energy more than 20 times the national average )-

al gore monster house

(via Tom Nelson via Planet Gore)