Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The falling presidency

Obama hits another bottom –he keeps falling all the time, doesn’t he?

The American administration is now wholly complicit in the brutal travesty that was June 12 in Iran:

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is “the elected leader” of the Islamic republic.

Gibbs was asked Tuesday if the White House recognized Ahmadinejad as the country’s legitimate president.

“He’s the elected leader,” Gibbs responded.

Our elected leader, Barack Obama, vowed to “bear witness” to the Iranian regime’s violent — indeed, homicidal — snuffing out of the collective democratic spirit in Iran. But even that feat of cowardly indifference proved too great a burden in the age of smart power and endless diplomacy. So hear this, all you protesters and sufferers being beaten and corralled into pens in Tehran. Listen up, all you Iranians who say “Neda lives”: President Obama, leader of the most robust democracy in history, says you’re wrong. It turns out that you’re protesting in error. This was an election, not an “election,” after all. In democracies, populations accept fair results, and you are expected to accept this one. We do.


alice falling obama falling

Falling, falling…always falling –the story of Obama presidency


Michael Leeden’s ominous words are worth quoting -

Obama, Appeaser-in-Chief 


Allah tells it like it is. Obama's statement, via Gibbs, that Ahmadinejad is the "elected president of Iran," is a new low in our groveling to the mullahs. This is pure appeasement, part of Obama's begging for a schmooze. His Iran team members all know that the election was a fraud, so they're lying to achieve "a result" that will only humiliate them further, and the mullahs know it.

It's worse than Jimmy Carter. It's all appeasement, all the time, from South America to Central Europe, from the Middle East to South Asia. And it's a guarantee of greater violence, bigger crises, and more American dead.

As Churchill said to Chamberlain, so it should be said to Obama: You had a choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.

Obama is hell-bent on coddling the worst dictators on earth – must be a world-view thing.

Much change, no hope.


DSYLEXIC said...

pray tell, why is it the constitutional duty of an US president to meddle in the affairs of a foreign govt?. obama has neither the constitutional nor the moral right to decide how the rest of the world lives. iranians need to revolt -if they wish to- on their own terms. ron paul is right.

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