Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Environmental poodles

One of the banes of our times are the environmental “reporters” – those scare quotes are to indicate that they do not as much report as act as mouthpieces of environmental organizations. The greenies’ agenda is their agenda. Environmental “reporters” do not report but participate –they strive to ‘make a difference’.

One does not expect a reporter covering, say the BJP, to share the ideology of that party and to promote it’s agenda.Far from it. But, for some reason, environmental “reporters” openly(in fact, with editor’s hearty approval) espouse environmental causes and that is considered normal.

One can immediately think of Roger Harrabin of the BBC. Here's a sample of his servility to his green overlords.

Another such “reporter” is Nitin Sethi of the Times of India. His article in the Sunday edition could well be a press release from Greenpeace or such.

I don’t have the time to fisk it, something which it richly deserves –maybe I shall do it later. But one has to ask -

Whatever happened to objectivity?

Do editors not care anymore?

Why do almost all environmental “reporters” behave like environmental poodles?