Monday, February 23, 2009

More from the LNC Quote Shop

Andrew Klavan-

...... the movies have made themselves increasingly irrelevant. In one film after another, we are told that the world in front of our eyes isn’t really there, that instead the world is really as the left imagines it. In the world as it is, a religion of violent intolerance has risen up against the freest, most moral civilization ever established on earth. In the movies, we’re the bad guys and Islamists are the persecuted ones. In the world as it is, an American president sacrificed his popularity to free 30 million people from a crushing tyranny of government sponsored rape, torture and murder. In the movies, that president is a degraded fool and a lowlife. In the world we see, nearly a million poor children die of malaria every year because environmentalists engineered a ban on DDT. In the movie world, environmentalists are always our saviors, the corporations that make insecticides always evil.

(emphasis mine)