Monday, May 5, 2008

Outbreak of the Bush Derangement Syndrome rages on at the Hindustan Times

The latest outbreak of the Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS)-the Indianmediafoodgate -continue in the fevered swamps of our media. Delhi's best selling dog-trainer The Hindustan Times had a picture of the president Bush and the first lady right on top on page 1-
Hit job on Bush by the Hindustan Times

with the snarky caption-
Look How Much They're Eating

As if the hunger in the world is the result of the Bushes eating too much!

This is a demented hit-job that should never have passed through the editor's desk to the print.This too from a publication whose former editor and present chief editor, Vir Sanghvi is known for an affection of delicacies and tasty bits as one can infer from his girth.The generously-sized gentleman loves eating so much that he often writes columns on food, has written a book on food and has a TV show dedicated to -well, food. His favorite work-out could possibly be hopping from one restaurant to another after which a hearty munch would be much welcome and well deserved.

Vir Sanghvi-eating too much?

Vir Sanghvi-is he eating too much too?

But then if one assumes that rational people are in charge of our media, one assumes too much.