Thursday, May 29, 2008

A case for cultural imperialism

Some ancient(2001) wisdom from the fair-haired one that still rings the bell -

"It is time for concerted cultural imperialism. They(Muslim fanatics) are wrong about women. We are right."


harini calamur said...

Whether it is "Democracy", "women's rights", "freedom of choice", "liberalisation", "competition" - it is usually 'their' definition that is the dominant one... and those who go against that view are to be beaten down and ground to dust.
While I have serious issues with the view on 'gender equality' held by most religious law -- am not quite sure whether freedom can be imposed through force. 
The emancipation of any community or country or region only happened because they fought for it... it was never granted as a right. 
And, Boris Johnson has always been a bit of an ass :)

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libertynewscentral said...

Hi, Harini Calamur(is that a real name?)

Who is 'their' you are referring to?

I disagree with the theory that people only can liberate themselves, that outsiders cannot do it.
Emancipation can come from both inside and outside -and from both at the same time too.

I am not a fan of Boris Johnson but at times he does say something that is spot on, as mentioned in the post.

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harini calamur said...

harini calamur is definitely a real name :)
outside pressure without the target group's desire for change will be kind of problematic...
both together, work the best ....

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