Sunday, September 30, 2007

Socialism -will it work on the moon?

The socialist utopia could never be achieved on Earth -not even with the bloodletting of millions in Soviet Russia, the communist China, Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea(and let's not even mention Pol Pot).
Even the peace loving collectivists(a rare breed indeed) of kibbutz have given up.

But will socialism work on the moon. Some people seem to think so-

For space scientists congregating at Hyderabad, it looks like we will have a colony up there soon. Space experts are mulling road maps on infrastructure comprising a communication network, including internet, a greenhouse, fuel production plants, and aspects of ethics and governance for human settlements on Moon, Mars and beyond.
Earlier, at a meet on Strategies to establish Lunar and Mars colonies, William Marshall of NASA spoke of lunar governance. He is for a ban on military bases and deployment of weapons in space and advocated against property rights over lunar land.

Can human settlements without property rights work out on the moon? It hasn't worked anywhere on this planet but when an expert from NASA says so, who am I to argue? CPM could then stand for the 'Communist Party of Moon', and of course they would be opposed to globalisation, er, I mean, planetisation. And no free trade between the earth and the moon -except with China

(emphasis mine)