Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The honchos of the Hindustan Times fail to take their own paper seriously.

Scary stuff in the Hindustan Times from Ban The Moon-
Just a few days ago, scientists in the United States reported that the Arctic ice cap is melting faster than ever thought possible. By their calculations, 40 per cent of the summer ice covering the Arctic sea will be gone by 2050. Earlier studies had predicted that this wouldn’t happen for another century.


What we do not have is time. Travelling in Chad recently, I saw first hand the humanitarian toll of climate change. An estimated 20 million people depend on a lake and river system that has shrunk to a tenth of its original size over the past 30 years. In Africa right now, the worst rains in memory are washing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. These are signs of what is to come. The problems our generation faces will be worse for our children, particularly if we do not act.

Yet the newspaper fails to take the threat seriously. It is giving away a car everyday, adding more greenhouse gases to our overloaded atmosphere.

hindustan times gives away a car every day

So when the food begins to run out (don't they read their own paper?)-

Climate change is likely to trigger a "risk of hunger" in India by affecting cereal production by as much as 18 per cent because of floods and droughts, a UN agency has warned.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said India could lose as much as 125 million tonnes of its rainfed cereal production.

then can we whack the top honchos at HT for contributing to the starvation?

Can't they give away bicycles?