Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just another day in the life of the compassionate state

Aren't we told that Capitalism is dog-eat-dog, kill the poor to get rich, fat cats getting fatter and everyone else exploited and getting a bad deal for life? That is why, we are told, we need Socialism, a welfare state that would toil for the welfare of the poor, the common people, a state that would be compassionate, kind and just, not!

But as we all know, there isn't much compassion in the compassionate state. And if you don't know this(if by some quirky misfortune, you are blind, deaf and have no powers of cognition then it is possible that you don't know), just try getting some legitimate business done in a government office, any government office. I am sure you would be overwhelmed by their compassion.

Here's your welfare state at work-
Seven inmates of Tihar jail die of overcrowding, torture, heat and no water.

According to HT-

"A ward for 40-50 prisoners in Jail No. 3 reportedly has only five to six fans. Many inmates are weakened by police torture and others suffer from a variety of ailments. Medical attention is scarce and when available often rudimentary. This is not surprising considering that there are some 90 doctors for the 13,750 inmates in Tihar — a downward spiral from the 100:7,000 doctor-prisoner ratio in 1995."

(emphasis mine)
It's okay, they were just prisoners, scum of the earth, really.
Don't fret.It's just another day in the life of the compassionate state.