Saturday, June 23, 2007

Free the sex workers-Let them sell sex in peace

My article for Desicritics, Free the sex workers-Let them sell sex in peace, is now up at their site. I have put forward a case for legalization of prostitution.I also take a dig at the ma-behen crowd, people who try to suppress freedom in name of saving their ma-behens(mothers and sisters). You may read it here or just click Read More below for an excerpt-

Free the sex workers. Let them sell sex in peace.

Free them from the daily harassment, from punitive police raids- the same police that extorts it's hafta(cut) to let them work at all. It is like having to feed a ferocious dog so that it would let you in peace but the dog occasionally bites you anyway.
Free them from the clutches of the criminal mafia and the brutal 'madams' and the pimps, who treat them like slaves.

Free them from the indignity and the agony of having to work furtively, with secret signs and meeting places in dangerous neighborhoods, as if they were reprehensible crooks.

Free them from the feeling that they are social outlaws, the very scum of the earth.
But all this cannot be done unless prostitution is legalized.

Quelle Horreur!
“What a horrible thought! Legalize prostitution! You must be mad- no, you must be barking mad!” you might say. And yours would be an absolutely normal reaction. That's what many, perhaps most people would say.

And yet..
Imagine that an intelligent alien from some far away planet- let's call him XwoTu- has arrived here and is observing our world with the curiosity of an anthropologist. He is free from the prejudices of our culture, our customs and traditions, from the burdens of morality, religion and history.

He would wonder-
“Person A wants to have sex. Person B can fulfill A's desires in exchange for a sum of money. Person A and Person B have sex, A pays B. Both are satisfied. Both got what each wanted. It's a transaction, a deal like millions that take place every minute of the day, just like buying(or selling)a soap or a car.”
How is it different ,” the amused alien would wonder,” from any other commercial transaction?”

“It's not moral!” you might shout, “ It's against morality!” - but that would only increase XwoTu's puzzlement.
“What's morality?” he would ask.

Read the whole thing at Desicritics.