Sunday, January 29, 2012

The drudgery of importing Haloscan comments into Disqus

Ok, I have tried everything but this brain surgery equivalent suggested here to import the old Haloscan comments into the new Disqus system. And all I can say is, as the French would put it-
J'en ai marre!
Je m'en fous!

The only way out now is the long way round - to manually paste in the old comments into the new system. Which is what I'm, alas, have to do.

To identify the these comments, there will be a footnote for each comment pointing out the original comment date and a link to this post. E.g.-

Why don't those jholawalas get together and go to some socialist hellhole country, if they love them so much. First to go should be Arundhati roy

Original comment date- 2009-10-29. See -

Let the drudgery begin!

  Whew, done! Anybody notice anything missing, you tell me, OK?