Friday, November 11, 2011

Horror care

Readers of this blog know that I am wont to say that there is not much welfare in the welfare state or much compassion in the 'compassionate' policies of  the 'social justice' variety. Whatever be the theories, in practice it always means misery and death.

From John Hinderaker on Britain's NHS, that shining example of government health care-

We noted here that under socialized medicine in the U.K., the death panel process has been delegated to hospital staff who enter “do not resuscitate” orders on patients’ charts without the knowledge of the patient or his or her relatives. Now, another horror story about “The National Hell Service:”

A Mum died gasping for breath in hospital after she was WRONGLY given a “do not resuscitate” tag. The frantic husband of Immacolata Lacovara, 74, watched in horror as nurses stood by refusing to help.

Others involved elderly patients left starving, thirsty and in agony after being denied drug relief.
The case was revealed yesterday in the latest damning report on the hellish neglect suffered by elderly patients on wards across the nation.

The blunder over Mrs Lacovara — who died in North West London — was among 16 shocking cases highlighted by the Patients Association out of thousands of calls to its helpline.

So much callousness in this 'compassionate' system.