Monday, March 7, 2011

From the LNC Quote Shop

Mark Steyn-
When the west’s bestselling atheists, stand-up comics, transgressive artists and all the rest belittle Christianity but steer clear of Islam, they’re not just engaging in prudent self-protection. They’re objectively advancing the cause of Islamic imperialism – because their selective mockery acts in support of the bullies’ core belief, that Islam is different and must be accorded a special deference: In practical terms, their selectivity comes to the same conclusion as any bigshot Talib in a hardcore madrassah. I said somewhere in America Alone that we’re operating to the same rules as the old Cold War joke: An American tells a Soviet that in America everyone is free to criticize the president. The Soviet replies, “Same in my country. Everyone is free to criticize your president.”


Frits Rincker said...

Would you like to write a guest post on It is about making climate issues sexy.

Kk said...

 Not all the West's atheists have steered clear of being critical of Islam. Hitchens has been quite vocal about it. The leftist apologists for Islam in the west don't really see Islam though, do they? For them, it remains a semi-political construct so that what is called by some as Islamic Imperialism, they see as a struggle for freedom or a struggle against the oppression of western imperialism. They see the reactionary in the jihadi and not the zealot. Sort of like what Arundhati Roy saw in her Maoists.