Sunday, February 27, 2011

Turn Chacha Manmohan S.Gandhi into approvers

There is this news -

Raja* should turn approver, says Shourie

which made me put on my thinking hat-
One turns someone into an approver to catch bigger fish or to catch several other big fish who collectively must be worth more than the approving fish.
But who is a bigger fish than Raja? Nobody -except Manmohan Singh and the Gandhi family(who collectively can be called Chacha Manmohan S.Gandhi in the words of inimitable Sauvik Chakraverti) and the DMK supremo and family.
Or who all can be the big fishes collectively more important than Raja? Perhaps several corporate CEOs and their political enablers.

So do you see Raja leading to the above? Maybe to a few business honchos and some minions to feed the frenzy of public opinion. Chacha Manmohan S.Gandhi and his merry gang will again get cleanly away, all the while claiming credit for following the rule of law.

Here's an idea - turn Chacha Manmohan S.Gandhi into approvers. Surely they know a few highly placed corrupt politicos and babus. More than a few, I bet. Can anyone believe they don't?

Only, no investigative agency has the balls to touch the real bastards. For the modern Mughals, the guard dogs are lap dogs. For us, they are just rabid. Totally useless and best avoided.

*Raja is the tainted former minister reluctantly booted out by the PM Manmohan Singh after serious allegations of corruption.