Sunday, May 9, 2010

We the raped

Perry de Havilland on the dismal British election-
Freedom is essential and worth fighting for... but anyone who died to defend political anything died for all the wrong reasons. What does 'political freedom' even mean in Britain? The right to vote who gets to rape you?

In India it's much worse -it's gang rape.It goes on for five years and then we are urged to chose our serial rapists again for the next five.And such idiotic campaigns as Jagore(Awaken!) believe that we can lessen our torture by voting for our violators.

It matters not a whit whether out tormentor is an allegedly decent Sardarjee or a grumpy chudail budiya(old witch) or India's mini-Hitler or an ex-Italian with a guilt-complex that she likes to salve with hundreds of billions of our money. I -and you- will be be bound, gagged and sodomized in the name of helping the poor, in the name of literacy 'missions', for providing rural employment or midday meals or in the service of infinite other wealth sucking black holes often sycophantically named after failed collectivist leaders.All of which will eminently fail like they always have and always will. But the politicians' Pavlovian response to failure is do more of it even more vigorously.

So your torment and bondage shall continue - you shall bleed from a thousand cuts but the political and the collectivist minded pundit class will expect you to go on surviving somehow so that they can rape you once more when the urge strikes -and these are supercharged horny bastards.Looting you and then spreading the loot(mostly among themselves) is an aphrodisiac far more powerful than a postgraduate course in Viagra.

The nightmare of 'democracy' is unending.