Thursday, June 4, 2009

British Council -Milking taxpayers for the green lobby

I used to enjoy visiting the local British Council library.Now it is much less so as I explained in a letter to a British Council representative( as a reply to an email promoting green propaganda)-
Dear Ms. ******,

I am little saddened to see the British Council seems to have been taken over by a fashionable environmentalistas - there has been a rash of events tomtomming the green message(propaganda, rather) -climate change, carbon footprint, go green yada yada yada. I used to enjoy visiting the library but now I dread facing another in-your-face green something or the other promotion.

It is also ironical that the people who shout the loudest about climate change have a carbon footprint substantially larger than the average person -Al Gore and his huge mansion,Rajender Pachauri and his endless jetting about the world and closer to us, British Council and it's fully air-conditioned multi-storied building. I don't suppose all that cooling runs on solar or wind power.And to think of all the carbon released in organizing so many green events.

I presume that the British taxpayer funds at least partly the activities of the British Council - and there are many among the British public who have not drunk the green kool-aid and do not believe in the green world view of capitalism bad and environmentalism good. Your organization is doing a disservice to such taxpayers whose money is taken but their viewpoints ignored.

There is an excellent book in your library -"Scared to Death: From BSE to Global Warming: Why Scares are Costing Us the Earth". I suggest that at every green event at the British Council premises this book be prominently displayed and, even better, free copies given away. I am sure that will cost much, much less than the the expense of organizing the event itself.

I also apologize for writing you all this - you are but an employee doing her job but I believe that as a taxpayer funded concern the British Council is wrong to promote only a certain viewpoint and ideology and ignore others.

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