Friday, December 19, 2008

Professors that hate

The Blogger at the Venerable Beads has an excellent post on the postmodern rot that runs through modern academics.It's well worth reading in whole but this is a gem-
The excesses of postmodern gibberish in academic writing have been well and truly exposed and surely need no further attention, you may say.
To which I would reply: as Zed Books proudly show us, the exposure has certainly not been sufficient to kill the excesses exposed. Those responsible continue to reap the rewards of their squalid assault on reason, in salaries, influence and tenure, and the rest of us continue to reap the harvest of their brainwashing each new generation. Year on year a new crop emerges from the universities, parroting the same jargon and attitudes, untouched by self-awareness, irony or any real sense of just how many people hate them.

As is this-
Take the ICA for instance. That's the Institute of Contemporary Arts, if you're lucky enough not to know, still another of those cultivatedly bland names that seems to promise nothing creepier than a forum for the mindless show-offs of the current art scene to show videos of themselves pissing to easily-impressed trendies so dim that they genuinely couldn't come up with such things themselves

Read the whole thing.

(Via Melanie Phillips)