Friday, February 8, 2008

Consensual intercourse can never ever be rape

Can a committee of experts change fundamental nature of reality just by a fiat?
If they willed that an apple instead of falling to earth flies up in the space-that would not happen. But they can get away with calling consensual sex as rape-
Having sex with a girl or a wife under 16 years of age would amount to rape even if she voluntarily joins her partner in love-making.

The Law Commission has recommended that the age for sexual consent should be raised from 15 years to 16 years for girls, regardless of marriage.

Thus, even in cases where an under-16 girl elopes, marries a lover and has sex with her "husband," the girl's "husband" cannot escape punishment by claiming that he made love with his "wife."

Consensual intercourse can never ever be rape no matter what the 'experts' might say.
If the state wishes to outlaw sex under a certain age, it should say so clearly -just say 'sex under 16 is banned'-and not pretend that is a horrible crime they are protecting us against.

Hear all ye wise 'experts' of the law commission-
Rape is forced, unwanted sexual intercourse.
Anything consensual cannot be rape.

The plight of Bilkis Bano is way too horrific to be put in the same category as of a couple of teenagers having a nice time on the sly.

The law commission is getting away with an egregious violation of concepts that the words in a language refer to. Shall we say, rape of the language?

PS -interestingly in the case of our furtive teenagers above, only the male could be accused of rape even if it was the girl who might have initiated the.....ahem, proceedings. Talk about gender justice. All law, little justice -which actually perfectly encapsulates the Indian reality.