Thursday, October 25, 2007

A holy immersion in black waters.

On the banks of the Yamuna, the river that flows through the city of Delhi.
Occassion- immersion of something called 'khetri', or "or the earthen pot in which grass is grown during the holy Navratri for praying to Goddess Vaishno".

dirty YamunaThe water is very dark, almost black.

Immersing plant in the river
Here the river catches the fading evening light. The children who live in settlements near the bank are eager to make some money. They usually ask 15 or 20 rupees to take the plant some way into the river and dive into the dirty water and let the plant go.

river childrenRiver children. Interestingly, while this is a Hindu tradition, the children doing the immersion seemed to be mostly muslims.

Note-The above link takes you to someone not pleased with this custom or the state of the river.